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               I n u i   S h ikki

                                               Japanese Lacquerware - Tradition and Innovation

        Board Member of Kyoto Lacquer Craft Union

         Member of Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto 

Makie Introductory Class

Would you like to design your own Makie?

Makie is a decorative method applied onto lacquer coating.   The exquisiteness of this technique was fully developed in Kyoto, the cultural and political capital, in the 6th Century.  

The process of "Makie" starts with drawing a pattern to a piece of waxy paper.  When this drawing on the paper is pressed onto a lacquer coated surface (such as a tray or bowl), then  you are ready to trace this design with a fine brush dipped into yellow-colored lacquer ( Cashew paint).     Before this lacquer dries out, gold or silver powder is sprinkled over.  This powder is adhered to the lacquer drawing and hardens over night.  This process is repeated until desired design is accomplished.

Our hands-on Makie-introductory class will offer a great cultural experience.  Have fun to make your own souvenir!


Hands-on Class Schedule (between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m)   By reservation only.



Every Tuesdays and Fridays  9 a.m. to 4 p.m.



Additional  dates: 

       Awoi Matsuri Festival  May 14, 15, 16th.

       Gion Festival:  July 14, 15, 16 and 17th)

       Jidai Matsuri Festibal:  October 24, 25th.



   Pparty of 2 or more persons: Daily
  Off-site classes for a large group of 15 or more attendants or special events are available.


Duration:  About 1.5  hours.

Fees:  ( Tax included)  Small Tray ( 3,240 Yen),  Broach and Pendant Top (5,400 yen) or at the cost of the product.          Or select any products available at the store.

Reservation:   By email  or call us at (075) 241-2764.

Instruction:  In Japanese  (English manual available).


Pendant TopSmall Tray (Free design)

Larger round tray

Squire tray and small trays Small Coffee tray (3,000Yen + tax)

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Location:  One block south of the Imperial Palace

Transportation: Subway Karasuma-line , 3 minutes walk from Marutamachi Station( No. 5 Exit)

Kyoto City Bus:  Marutamachi Street route, 3 minutes walk from Marutamachi (or Saibansho-mae) Station