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How to Care for Lacqure ware


Caution:  The Japanese lacquer "Urushi" is extracted from oriental sumac tree sap.  The raw lacquer can cause a severe skin reaction to many people.    Although it is rare, some hypersensitive skin can be irritated by even dried finished lacquer.  If you experience any skin reactions, please seek a medical attention immediately.

How to store: Dry climate is not suitable for lacquerware.  The differences of the shrinkages between the base wood and the lacquer can cause cracks.   Avoid storing lacquereware in air conditioned or heated room because they are low in humidity.  Direct sun exposure may cause cracks and deteriorate the natural luster of the coating.  Wrap lacquerware with cotton cloth then keep it in a box.  Store the box in dark closet.  Avoid extremely high temperature or direct sun.  When storing them for a long period of time, apply a thin coat of salad oil with soft cloth.

How to care: Wash bowls or trays right after use with mild dish soap on soft sponge then wipe them off with soft cloth immediately.   Never use abrasive sponges.  Soaking lacquerware in water too long may let water get into invisible fine cracks on the surface  and cause damages.