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  I n u i   S h ikki

                                                   Japanese Lacquer ware - Tradition and Innovation

        Board Member of Kyoto Lacquer Craft Union

         Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto 

Restorations, Custom Works


Repairs & Restorations



In spite of the chronic industry-wide shortage of  lacquer craftsmen, we have been able to secure highly skilled lacquer artisans to service our custom works, repair and restoration jobs.



The lacquerware oftentimes repair involves at least 15 or dozens of processes.  Therefore, the entire repair or restoration can take more than several months, depending of the degree of the damages or the climate under which the repair work is done. 



Oftentimes, cracks spread under the surface (Figure 1.)  Therefore, visual assessment of the damage is very difficult.  When the area of chipped or cracked lacquer coating is removed,  the extended area may get loose.  In that case, the process of removing extends unexpectedly into a large area (Figure 2.)   The actual extension of the damage is quite unpredictable. 


As a courtesy, we will evaluate the possibility of the repairs/restorations by photos.   However, it must be understood that the evaluation by photos is very limited.  More likely, the actual damages cannot be seen until the work starts.  We can accept the work only after we receive the item for making the final evaluation.



Also, it must be understood that the newly touched-up lacquer will not be an exact match to the rest of the original surface.  The glossiness of the lacquer coating fades over years so that the newly coated area may stand out.



* We are not responsible for any damages during the shipment.  The shipment insurance is your responsibility.


* Our liability for the restoration will not exceed more than the amount of the prepaid restoration charges.


Custom works  (Family crescent, Name and Logos)

Traditionally,  all Japanese ceremonial goods are decorated with Kamon, family crest.   If you don't have your family crest, choose or design a Kamon that you like or create your own.   Our craftsmen are able to draw any design you create onto any surface.



Three most common family crest.